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Mar 03, 2011 · title says it all. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue In addition, we provide detailed information about Dubia Roaches and other feeders to educate you on providing the best for your pets! See why we have an almost 5 star rating on Facebook! For more information about Dubia Roaches, please read our care sheet. Brachypelma Tarantulas Caresheets ... inch B. dubia roaches or 6 adult crickets weekly for adult. For spiderlings feed them with pinhead crickets This specie is a ...

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Mar 03, 2011 · title says it all. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue Jun 13, 2009 · Nice tutorial. I am raising 3 colonies of B. lateralis at this time along with B. dubia. I do the same with mine, feed the lateralis to my younger T's and dubia to my older T's, dragons and monitor.

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Name: Dubia Roach, but sometimes referred to as the Argentine Roach, the Orange Spotted Roach or the Guyana Spotted Roach. Scientific Name: Blaptica dubia Lifespan 9-10 months for males, but females live longer, usually reaching 18 – 24 months. Housing Dubia Roaches can be kept in any ventilated container. The reptile industry prizes this species as a fast-producing, nutritious, hassle-free species. Both nymphs of all ages and adults are unable to climb glass or plastic aquarium walls. Young B. dubia are the size and mass of small crickets you find at the pet store. I give my Mexican Black Velvet (2) B. dubia roaches or ten (10) - adult crickets weekly. This species is a excellent eater. ... It is easy to care for. After a fresh ... This is the care sheet I sent out with each of my B.Lateralis orders (now sold out, thank you for your orders!). I thought it may help the users here BLATTA LATERALIS CARE SHEET You will notice I sent a healthy overcount of roaches; I want to see everybody succeed with this roach, and starting off with diverse genetics is a plus.

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Roaches, on the other hand, have several benefits but a few drawbacks as well. Most people do not want to keep roaches in the home, but when properly contained they make a great staple feeder. Choose a non-flying, non-climbing roach such as B. dubia and you will have a quiet, easy to keep, easy to breed, non-escaping food source for your herps. B. dubia roaches: This tropic roach species can hit sizes of 1.5-2″ making them a great feeder choice for larger tarantulas (I feed most of my large tropical species with B. dubia). They can be purchased as colonies (about $30 shipped), which will produce nymphs of many sizes, providing a food source for slings, juvies, and adults.