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the BY142 is a silicon diode , U = 1kV, I = 1.1A, applications: rectifier (DO-27) Source: Jaeger electronic catalog 1999 Picture: -

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BD142 Datasheet (PDF) 1.1. bd142.pdf Size:75K _comset. BD142 NPN SILICON TRANSISTOR POWER LINERAR AND SWITCHING APPLICATIONS LF Large Signal Power Amplification Low Saturation Voltage High Dissipation Rating Intended for a wide variety of intermediate-power applications. Paraffin - Warmers / Kits / Stands. Therabath Pro Refill Paraffin Beads - 6lbs - Warm Apple Spice . Therabath Pro Professional Grade Refill Paraffin.

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KT0913 Monolithic Digital AM/FM Receiver Radio-on-a-Chip™ Features Worldwide full band FM/AM support FM: 32MHz-110MHz AM: 500KHz-1710KHz Fully integrated frequency synthesizer with no external which is small and low capacity. Data Sheet © 2011 ROHM Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. PIN diode RN142S Applications Dimensions (Unit : mm) Land size ... by142. abstract: by108 by188 by184 by143 by144 by105 by185 bby10 85 2 855 271 text: -38 by14-2 by14-4 by14-6 by14-8 by14-10 by14-14 by14-516 by14-38 by14-14cg1 by10-4 by10-6 by10-8 by10. ocr scan: pdf csd29115 by142 by108 by188 by184 by143 by144 by105 by185 bby10 85 2 855 271

Pro Nail - Cool Breeze Skin Anti-Septic and Refresher/ 1 Gallon / Case Pack of 4 Helps cleanse oily, ance prone skin. Removes and excess oil, dirt and makeup that soap and water can leave behind. Tube BY 142 or Röhre BY142 ID60470, Solid-State-Diode, Wires and Power-supply shown. Radio tubes are valves. APPLICATIONS •Voltage controlled oscillators (VCO). DESCRIPTION The BB142 is a variable capacitance diode, fabricated in planar technology, and encapsulated in the SOD523 (SC-79) ultra small plastic SMD package. PINNING PIN DESCRIPTION 1 cathode 2 anode Fig.1 Simplified outline (SOD523; SC-79) and symbol.

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