Canadian restaurant industry trends

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The European hotel industry remains robust with strong fundamentals, albeit with certain areas of concern and pockets of opportunity across the continent. With the IMF forecasting 1.5% GDP growth for the European Union in 2019, the European economy will be recording its seventh year of expansion in ...

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According to the National Restaurant Association there are over one million food service locations in the US, and the industry employs over 14 million people and is expected to add an additional 1.7 million by 2026. Fast casual, however, is the smallest portion of the industry, coming in at only 7.5%, roughly, of market share. Canadian Industry Statistics (CIS) analyses industry data on many economic indicators using the most recent data from Statistics Canada.CIS looks at industry trends and financial information, such as GDP, Labour Productivity, Manufacturing and Trade data. Technology, trends redefining future of food service. ... restaurant industry sales last year increased 3.8% over the prior year to a record high of nearly $800 billion, Mr. Riehle said. ...

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Food trends can be fickle in the restaurant world and predictions for this year's hottest menu items abound. ... The top 10 Canadian food trends in 2013 are: ... food fads food industry trends ... Food trends can be fickle in the restaurant world and predictions for this year's hottest menu items abound. ... The top 10 Canadian food trends in 2013 are: ... food fads food industry trends ... If there’s one thing the foodservice industry loves more than a good cocktail party, it’s a list of trends. Every publication, including FE&S, dedicates space to dissecting current trends and their impact on the foodservice industry. This month, for example, FE&S’ Trend department on page 16 explores the ever-evolving nature of kids’ menus. Consumer Trends Update Office of Consumer Affairs, Industry Canada 2 This update highlights the structural changes experienced in the Canadian retail landscape since The Consumer Trends Report was released in 2005. The major actors operating within this retail

Jan 07, 2019 · Food industry news, voices and jobs. ... Diageo has been rumored to be in talks with Canadian ... an expert in food and beverage trends, told Food Dive that better-for-you snacks is a category ... May 23, 2013 · The industry also employs over 1.1 million people (6.4 % of the Canadian workforce) making it the fourth largest employer in Canada. Going to restaurants is also a popular activity with CRFA stating that it is the “number one preferred activity for spending time with family and friends”. Industry Trends and Challenges Top 10 food and drink trends: Restaurants Canada. Trends Features July 3, 2019 World Record attempt at Vaughan Pizza Fest. ... industry to unite at Canadian Pizza Summit We offer market research and business solutions for the following industry sectors in Canada: Beauty. Around the world, the prestige beauty industry has relied on The NPD Group’s comprehensive beauty market research and business solutions for insights into what is selling, where, why, and at what price.


The U.S. restaurant industry’s stalled traffic is expected to continue through 2018. Understanding the foodservice-related habits of key generational groups is one way to address the complex issues that have created the current slow-to-no-growth environment. The economy will remain strong into 2019 and overall spending on food away from home is expected to continue to rise. That said, industry-wide same store sales will likely remain flat and same store traffic counts will continue to decline, as new unit growth continues to outpace unit closings.