Heidenhain rod 420 datasheet

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The Code Composer , from a variety of sources. The encoder used in the demonstration platform is a Heidenhain model ROD , www.ti.com EVM Overview 2 EVM Overview 2.1 Features · · · · · 3 Encoder connections , sinusoidal encoder inputs are provided via 12-pin, 2-mm shrouded headers J12 and J13. J12 provides access to Brochures 130_Linear Encoder , 170_Angle Encoders , 109_General Information , 150_Rotary encoders , 210_CNC controls , 110_Length Gauges , 230_Touch Probes , 240_Other products , 200_Position Display Units , 190_Interface Electronics , 205_Evaluation Electronics ROD, ROC and ROQ rotary encoders from HEIDENHAIN have their own bearings and are sealed. They are robust and compact. These encoders are coupled by the rotor to the measured shaft through a separate coupling that compensates axial motion and misalignment between the encoder shaft and measured shaft.

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HEIDENHAIN products and their applications This comprehensive product program offers solutions for all applications in which the highest possible accuracy, reliable reproducibility and repeatability, safe process management, high machine dynamics, simple operation and of course maximum efficiency are required. HEIDENHAIN LIDA 107 / 107 C Incremental linear encoders for high traversing speeds and medium traverses up to 6m with 11uApp Output HEIDENHAIN LIDA 107 / 107 C The LIDA 107 consists of a one-piece steel tape. In this case, however, it is guided in a scale-tape carrier and is rigidly connected at its center to the machine.

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Heidenhain ROD 420.0000-01500 Industrial Standard Incremental Rotary Encoder. ... Make Offer - NEW HEIDENHAIN ROD 480 / 1380 ROTARY ENCODER 5000 line count Analog Sine. Buy Heidenhain ROD Rotary Encoders today for increased precision of rotaional position feedback solutions. Rod Incremental Rotary Encoders off a large range of Line Counts to benefit your production needs. Table 3-3 Technical data, ROD 320.005 pulse encoder Mech. speed Electr. speed Operating voltage Current drain Frequency range max. 8500 RPM Dependent on the pulse number (refer below) 5 V DC 5 % 150 mA (without load) 0 to 300 kHz Edge clearance Delay Va0 to Va1 and Va2 Output load capacity a 420 ns td 50 ns Ihigh DC 20 mA Ilow DC 20 mA; CLoad ... Below is a selection of Heidenhain encoder model numbers that BEI can replace. Click on the datasheet PDF link for detailed encoder information or click on Quote Request. If you do not find your encoder model number, we can still help. Just call us at 1-800-350-2727 and we will help you find the right encoder. The BEI Advantage: HEIDENHAIN Documentation (Brochures, technical information, manuals etc.) and the Training Portal (Training program, eLearning etc.)

ROD 426, ROD 426B, ROD 426E. ROD 428B, ROD 476, MINIROD 421 with TTL-compatible signals aaaaaaagaaaaa. aaaaaaaaa.aaaa only with RON 425B. ROD 428B and ROD 476 Shield is on connector housing and is connected to pin 9 in connector; For versions with flange socket. the shield is only on the flange socket housing. ROD 523, ROD 529. ROD 573.

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Jul 18, 2012 · ROD 426 HEIDENHAIN - TTL Trasduttore rotativo incrementale con cuscinetto proprio per giunto separato. Siamo a vostra disposizione per maggiori informazioni: FBM srl - Tel 055 6813304 - info ...