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COMPLEMENTARY PNP-NPN DEVICES NEW ENHANCED SERIES HIGH SWITCHING SPEED hFE IMPROVED LINEARITY Applications GENERAL PURPOSE CIRCUITS AUDIO AMPLIFIER POWER LINEAR AND SWITCHING Description The TIP41A is a silicon base island technology NPN power transistor Jedec TO-220 plastic package with improved performances than the BC640 PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor BC640 PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor Switching and Amplifier Applications • Complement to BC639 Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta = 25°C unless otherwise noted Electrical Characteristics Ta = 25°C unless otherwise noted Symbol Parameter Value Units VCER Collector-Emitter Voltage at R BE=1KΩ -100 V

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They all basically come under one roof, but are the “brothers" and the “sisters" of BC547, with the latter being the most commonly used. BC546, BC547, BC548, BC549 and BC550 are NPN types, while BC556, BC557, BC558, BC559 and BC560 are PNP types and form complementary pairs with the NPN type. Oct 12, 2003 · Hi, From recent help recieved I learn that the complement for the S9015 (PNP) transistor is the S9014 (NPN), also that an equivalent device for the S9015 could be BC 557, BC556 & BC558. :?: I now plan to use the BC557C (PNP), on looking at the specs I have the BC550C (NPN) could be used as the complement, is this the case?

Mar 26, 2018 · BC558 is a PNP transistor hence the collector and emitter will be closed (Forward biased) when the base pin is held at ground and will be opened (Reverse biased) when a signal is provided to base pin. This is where a PNP transistor differs from a NPN transistor. ©2002 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation Rev. B1, August 2002 BC327/328 PNP Epitaxial Silicon Transistor Absolute Maximum Ratings Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted Electrical Characteristics Ta=25°C unless otherwise noted

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BC547 Datasheet(HTML) 2 Page - Diotec Semiconductor : zoom in zoom out 2 ... Recommended complementary PNP transistors. Empfohlene komplementäre PNP-Transistoren. ... Small Signal Field-Effect Transistors 50,807 IGBTs 21,901 RF Small Signal Bipolar Transistors 19,510 RF Power Field-Effect Transistors 9,051 RF Small Signal Field-Effect Transistors 9,023 RF Power Bipolar Transistors 3,958 Unijunction Transistors 665