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Kaowool and Superwool hardeners are inorganic liquid h a r dening agents which, when applied to Blanket, Modules or Board, produces a hard surface finish with i n c r eased resistance to mechanical abrasion and to gas flow ero s i o n . Blanket, Modules and Board can be treated to pro d u c e Jun 30, 2016 · As a comparison, 2600 deg rated 6 # density Kaowool blanket has a thermal conductivity in that mean temperature range of around 1.56. The heat flux equation is proportional, so the same thickness of Kaowool will reduce the heat loss by 74% (i.e. 3,931 BTUH loss through the forge walls). 1 - Identification of product a - Product identifier used on the label Tradenames: Cerwool Rigidizer, Hearth Binder, Kaowool Rigidizer, Super Rigidizer, b - Other means of identification AMORPHOUS SILICA PRODUCT c - Recommended use of the chemical and restrictions on use High temperature insulation coating d - Name, address, and telephone number Ceramic Fiber Modules and Engineered Systems Pyro-Bloc Y™ and Y2™ Modules The industry leader, the Pyro-Bloc Y module is the first "one-shot" module design and still the easiest to install. The Y modules are edge-grain orientation modules complete with internal support and stud attachment hardware. In one easy step the module is positioned ... Revised 2011.04.17 Page 1 (3) Safety Data Sheet for ISOVER Glass Wool

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HP Blanket is a lightweight, flexible high quality 2300 F/1300C ceramic blanket made from ceramic fibers. With its excellent insulating values Inswood can be installed with thinner thickness and/or lower densisties to allow for much better energy savings vs other traditional refractory insulations. Harbison Walker Sairset

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Jan 07, 2018 · Hi In my search for a supplier of Kaowool or similar in Norway, I finally found a supplier of a similar product from another brand. However, after i received an offer for their current product, with clear warnings of the health hazards, the sales person got back to me that they recently got a new product that is less harmful.

All safety data sheets of the Company Thermalceramics free to download and properly deal with hazardous substances and materials - The Portal for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) from A to Z

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Gaskets, Inc. carries a wide assortment of high temperature materials specifically geared towards Industrial Heating. Whether you need full roll quantities, cut-to-length, or custom cut and sewn sleeves, curtains, blankets or covers. Refractory Ceramic Fiber (RCF) also known as Alumino Silicate Wool (ASW) bulk fibre made from Kaowool ® Polycrystalline Fibre (PCW) paper made from Alphawool ® and Denka; AES (Superwool ®) Low Biopersistence. Superwool ® high temperature insulating fiber paper is resistant to chemical attack and is non-wetting to molten aluminum. It is the ...