Isola polyclad 370hr datasheet

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This is the voltage difference at which the insulation properties of the base material may break down, causing safety and performance issues. The Isola and Nan Ya FR4 materials meet the requirements of Class 3 (175 – 249 V). The base material meets the performance profile levels specified for direct support of current carrying PCBs (DSR). Isola Group 3100 West Ray Road Suite 301 Chandler, AZ 85226 Phone: 480-893-6527 Fax: 480-893-1409 [email protected] Isola Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) Ltd. Unit 3512 - 3522, 35/F No. 1 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong Phone: 852-2418-1318 Fax: 852-2418-1533 [email protected] Isola GmbH Isola Strasse 2 D-52348 Düren, Germany

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370HR laminate and prepreg are compatible with standard FR-4 process techniques. General process recommendation technical bulletins are available from Polyclad. For specific processing guidelines please contact Polyclad Technical Services. Storage of 370HR laminate and prepreg is the same as FR-4 material. Webinar 2013: Improved signal integrity through impedance matched circuit boards Würth Elektronik Circuit Board Technology Seite 1 01/10/2013

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FR-4 really only means the material is flame retardent; that may seem an oversimplification, but there are many varieties of FR-4 that are specified to 10GHz.. As a couple of examples, see Isola 370HR; this is a good general purpose laminate that I have successfully used with 5Gb/sec signalling rates. isola 370HR datasheet, cross reference, circuit and application notes in pdf format.

370HR Revision No : B High Performance Laminate and Prepreg Last Update : November 11 , 2019 Dielectric Constant (DK) / Dissipation Factor (DF) Table Core Data Constructions Resin Content % Standard/Alternate Thickness (inch) Thickness (mm) Dielectric Constant (DK) / Dissipation Factor (DF) 100 MHz 500 MHz 1 GHz 2 GHz 5 GHz 10 GHz 1x106 71.0% Standard 0.002 0.051

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Note: The 170T g FR-4 material has equivalency for electrical and mechanical properties with the popular Isola 370HR material, and functions very similarly. There is one documented physical difference, Isola's 370HR is listed as a 180T g material. Sunstone's Standard FR-4 Material Properties. High Glass Transition Temperature (T g) (150T g or ... Dk/Material for PCB Impedance Calculation Published on ... use 370HR material and I will take values from ISOLA website. ... chart is based on value of 370HR from its published Data sheet.