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errata sheet. (ECF No. 82.) In the present motion, the EEOC opposes Skanska’s attempt to use an errata sheet to change Shavelson’s deposition testimony, arguing that Rule 30(e)(1) does not permit a deponent to change testimony that was otherwise accurately transcribed by the court reporter. The EEOC also contends that Shavelson’s errata sheet ERRATA Sheet Page 3 of 3 TPP1172 Advanced Characterization TPP2261 Acting for the Camera 2 CAREER TECHNICAL CREDIT COURSES PREFIX/NUMBER COURSE TITLE CJK0109 State Exam Review for Correctional Officer Certification CTS0094 Designing Directory Services GRA0474 Offset Presswork 1 State Mandated Course Number Changes Effective fall 2013-1 DL330/DL330P/DL340 CPU Specifications DL330/DL330P/DL340 CPU Specifications DL330/DL330P/DL340 Specifications 3--2 DL330/DL330P/DL340 CPU Specifications DL305 User Manual, Rev. D Overview The CPU is the heart of the control system. Almost all system operations are controlled by the CPU, so it is important that it is set-up and installed ... Notice of Change/Evidence of Coverage (ANOC/EOC) documents using a standardized errata sheet. CMS considers the ANOC/EOC the most crucial and comprehensive benefit and plan information provided to beneficiaries. Therefore, it is important that information provided is clear, accurate, and compliant with CMS program requirements.

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Short Errata Description Errata Sheet 15 V1.6, 2013-06 5 Short Errata Description This chapter gives an overview on the deviations and application hints. Changes to the last Errata Sheet are shown in the column “Chg”. 5.1 Errata Removed in this errata sheet Table 6 shows a short description of the errata removed from this version if errata ... Errata Sheet – Volume 3 . This errata sheet is for Volume 3 of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Revised Comprehensive Conservation Plan (Revised Plan) and Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS), dated January 2015. This sheet notes both substantial errors (those that Errata Sheet Page 1 of 1 Product Family: Productivity Suite Software Document: Productivity Suite Help File Help File Revision Date: 031115.1 Errata Sheet Release Date: October 30, 2015 This Errata Sheet contains corrections or changes made after the publication of this help file. Corrections to GS Drives Reads (GSR) Help Topic number P136

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Short Errata Description Errata Sheet 11 V1.7, 2014-10 4 Short Errata Description This chapter gives an overview on the deviations and application hints. Changes to the last Errata Sheet are shown in the column “Chg”. 4.1 Functional Deviations Table 2 shows a short description of the functional deviations. Table 2 Functional Deviations ... Errata Sheet Approved Sector Plan and Sectional Map Amendment for the Tuxedo Road/Arbor Street/Cheverly Metro Area Table 12—Part 3 INDUSTRIAL USES USE I-1 per Zoning Ordinance Approved I-1 with DDOZ I-2 per Zoning Ordinance Approved I-2 with DDOZ (E) Metal Production: Blast furnace X X X X Foundry: (i) Nonferrous metals X X P38 X[P]

1 ERRATA SHEET Thermodynamics: An Engineering Approach 8th Edition Yunus A. Çengel, Michael A. Boles McGraw-Hill, 2015 December 2015 This errata includes all corrections since the first printing of the book. Feb 05, 2013 · TECHNICAL GUIDANCE DOCUMENT ERRATA SHEET #2 FEBRUARY 5, 2013 Page 3 of 5 Add footnote to Worksheet B: 1 - K observed is the vertical infiltration measured in the field, before applying a factor of safety. • Errata sheets • Review materials • Tutorials • Image databases • Software • Projects • Publications • Links • About the authors • Adoptions list • How to order : ONLINE MANUALS LOGIN • Faculty • Students On this page you will find errata sheets to any PMI standards that require one. The most recent errata sheet is for A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK ® Guide) – Sixth Edition. The errata for the first and second printing of this publication are reflected in this PDF. Errata sheets are commonplace in book publishing.

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The errata described in this document will be addressed in future revisions of the dsPIC30F4011/4012 silicon. Data Sheet clarifications and corrections start on page 19, following the discussion of silicon issues. The silicon revision level can be identified using the current version of MPLAB® IDE and Microchip’s Errata Sheet Fulfilling Data Needs for Assessing Numeric CHLa Criteria of the Lower James River Estuary 2013 Annual Grant Data Report, Submitted to The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality Agency Award Number: 15427 by K.A. Moore, David B. Parrish and Updates and Errata. The following is a list of errata noted for The Unicode Standard, Version 12.0, its code charts, annexes, the Unicode Character Database, and the text and data files for other synchronized specifications.