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General Cardiovascular Risk Profile for Use in Primary Care: The Framingham Heart Study Citation(s) D'Agostino RB, Vasan RS, Pencina MJ, Wolf PA, Cobain M, Massaro JM, Kannel WB, , General cardiovascular risk profile for use in primary care: the Framingham Heart Study., Circulation, 117 (6) 743-53.

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Prediction of Coronary Heart Disease Using Risk Factor Categories. Peter W. F. Wilson, Ralph B. D'Agostino, Daniel Levy, Albert M. Belanger, Halit Silbershatz

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Information for this Coronary Heart Disease Risk Calculator comes from the Framingham Heart Study. The results are applicable only for the ages of 30 to 74. Please refer to: Wilson, PW, et. al. Prediction of Coronary Heart Disease Using Risk Factor Categories. Circulation 1998 97 (18): 1837-1847.Framingham heart study has produced landmark report on the predictive power of blood pressure, blood cholesterol level and cigarette smoking for heart and blood vessel diseases. Framingham heart study risk calculator is a self-assessment tool that estimates a 10-year risk for myocardial infarction and coronary death. Heart Failure Medication Initiation and Treatment (ARNI, ACEi/ARBs, BBs, Diuretics, MRAs) Cardiometabolic Risk Calculator - Courtesy of McGill University: CardioRisk Calculator™ - Courtesy of Cardiovascular Imaging Research Core Lab, UBC: C ardiovascular Age + FRS Calculator (My Health Checkup) - Courtesy of McGill University

1. The risk estimating score sheets are only for persons without known heart disease. 2. The Framingham Heart Study risk algorithm encompasses only coronary heart disease, not other heart and vascular diseases. 3. The Framingham Heart Study population is almost all Caucasian. The Framingham risk algorithm may not fit other populations quite as ...the initial examination of the Framingham Offspring Study.12 Similar research protocols were used in each study, and persons with overt CHD at the baseline examination were excluded. From the Framingham Heart Study, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Framingham, Mass (P.W.F.W., D.L.); Boston University Mathematics

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• New "Score Sheet" Can Estimate Individual's Risk for Developing Heart Disease - Utilizing the Framingham data about a wide variety of risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease, researchers are now working to develop better tools to assess overall risk.This is known as the modified Framingham Risk Score.3 Step 11 In the “points” column enter the appropriate value according to the patient’s age, HDL-C, total cholesterol, systolic blood pressure, and if they smoke or have diabetes. Calculate the total points. Step 21 Using the total points from Step 1, determine the 10-year CVD risk ...