Best slip fielders in cricket

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Jan 01, 2018 · Best Fielding Position in Cricket. First Slip: First slip fielder is closer to wicket keeper there main aim is to catch the edge ball, cricketer stands near to wicket keeper is known as first slip. Joe Root and Ajinkya Rahane are slowly but steadily catching up in the race to be the best slip fielders in men’s cricket currently. Michael Clarke was a fairly good slip fielder as well, as is evident from the 75% catching rate.

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In cricket, a good captain is one who can set the fielders in the perfect positions according to the situation of the game. Here are the different fielding positions in cricket and when they are used by a fielding captain in general. Slip position: Slip is the position next to that of wicket-keeper. A slip position is used in cricket if the ... Like someone else has listed, there have been many brilliant fielders over the last few decades - so much so that today brilliance in the field is basic hygiene for all players. Is it permissible for a fielder to wear hand gloves while fielding in cricket due to some climate conditions or infections? we can see the football players wearing hand gloves while playing(but they won't deal the ball with the hand). What does the Icc rules and laws of cricket say about this? Oct 18, 2017 · Ever since the advent of cricket, slip cordon is one of the most traditional and important fielding positions in the game. The name 'slip' is supposedly derived from the time when the fielders ... Apr 16, 2018 · In domestic cricket, he became one of the best slip fielders of the land. And from time to time played incredible innings of quality. But the genius of his fielding was not seen again.

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Dec 06, 2019 · Top 10 Best Fielders in cricket -- The Exclusive List When most people think about cricket, what comes to their mind is batting and bowling. But fielding, an area which used to be grossly overlooked before is an equally important area in cricket. As fields get progressively more defensive, fielders will move out of the slip and gully area to cover more of the field, leading to 6–3 and 5–4 fields. If a bowler, usually a leg spin bowler, decides to attack the batsman's legs in an attempt to force a stumping , bowl him behind his legs, or induce a catch on the leg side, the field may stack 4–5 towards the leg side. Perhaps there will be an occasion to write about the world’s best fielders in Test history – about Simpson, Cowdrey, Sobers, Mark Waugh, Jonty Rhodes, Colin Bland and others - but even in such ...

Oct 13, 2017 · Mark Taylor was looked upon as an allrounder – a masterful opening batsman, a sharp slip fielder and a very good captain. He was one of the best slip fielders of his era. Standing in the slips to Shane Warne is not an easy job. With spinners operating I think Ajinkya Rahane is one of the better slip fielders. With the faster bowlers operating I would rate Stokes and Smith as the best slip fielders going around now. level 2

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Ajinkya Rahane said the last time India toured Sri Lanka, he decided to focus on taking 100 catches every fielding session to become one of the best fielders in the slip cordon. The Wall of Indian Cricket, Rahul Dravid is one of the best fielders to have played the game. Except for occasional wicket-keeping, Dravid stood at slips. But having been trained as a keeper helped to build a solid hand to eye coordination and fast reflexes. In 344 matches, he took 124 catches.