Filezilla server performance settings number of threads in sheets

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FileZilla 3.7.3, 10 threads needs 40 seconds to get this done. WinSCP 5.5.1, 9 threads, Unlimited speed needs almost 7 minutes. When I noticed how slow WinSCP was going, I fired up FileZilla and started the exact same file transfer simultaniously to another directory and it finished way before WinSCP did.

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Using FileZilla Once you install FileZilla and get your FTP settings, you're ready to connect to your Web server and start using FileZilla to upload your Web site. To Connect to Your Web Server 1. In the FileZilla Quick Connect bar at the top of the page, enter your Web site URL in the Host field.

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FileZilla - Screenshots for all FilezZilla FTP functionalities and main screens and actions. To use Office 365 through Bluehost, your domain will need to use specific DNS settings. This article will explain the name server requirements for Microsoft email. How To Setup Email Account - Client Setup SSL/TLS Settings - POP & IMAP How to setup your Bluehost-hosted email address with an email application.

On Filezilla Server –> Settings --> Passive Mode Settings, Uncheck Default IP address and check Use the following address typing my external one, uncheck Don't use external IP for local connections and check Use custom port range", then define a range (I did 20000 to 20050)

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Where does filezilla server store its users data? ... my filezilla server somehow doesn't read this file, how to apply this settings to current filezilla server?