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As shown in the data sheets for both the 5881/6L6GWB and 6L6GC, the 5881 maximum plate dissipation is 25 watts and a 6L6GC is 30 watts. The Pro Reverb is rated at 40 watts, not 19 watts as in the AB1 push-pull circuit for two tubes that you referenced. In fact, the Pro Reverb is spec'd to use 6L6GC tubes, not 5881s. SED "Winged C" SV 6L6GC. Available Individually, or in . SRS Premium Matched Pairs, Quads, Sextets, and Octets. These are what many believe to be the ULTIMATE 6L6GC TUBE, the awesome, incredibly rugged SED(formerly Svetlana) SV 6L6GC. The SED™ SV6L6GC is a beam power tetrode having a standard octal base and glass envelope. The data sheet voltage maximums were intended to provide a reference for a long service life and were often conservative in their ratings. Fender and other companies ran tubes over voltage and impedance mismatched in a lot of their early amps. They sounded good that way and tubes were inexpensive.

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I am replacing the original SEC Winged C GLGGC tubes (which have gone microphonic) with new Tung-Sol (Russian) 5881's. The backplate by the bias points says to bias to 30 mV, but if I'm changing from 6L6GC to 5881's, should I bias at, say, 23 mV? EPA 747-R-95-008 September 1997 METHODOLOGY FOR XRF PERFORMANCE CHARACTERISTIC SHEETS Technical Branch National Program Chemicals Division Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics Found 60 records in Search of Tubes Asylum. 1: Re: Toughest 6L6GC new production ... However, the real winged C Svetlana 6L6GC was special in all my apps. JJ is good ... The JJ Electronic 6L6GC is the classic pentode built with the rugged construction that only JJ could deliver. At 30W, this tube delivers plenty of headroom. The highs are clear and responsive with warm mids and tight solid lows. Known for their reliability and articulation, the JJ 6L6GC is a great option guitar amplifiers and Hi-Fi stereo ... Jan 15, 2009 · However many fancy gizmos the techs devise to give us “warm, tube-like” guitar sounds, real tonehounds know it’s only happening in one place: real tubes! If you want to get it happening for you, though, you’ve got to understand what’s going on with different tube types, and learn the ...

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Abstract: 6L6GC PIN CONNECTION 6L6GC tube tube 6L6gc class AB2 push pull power amplifier 6L6-GC 6l6gb 6L6GC data class B push pull power amplifier TRIODE itl Text: TENTATIVE DATA - 6L6GC TUNG-SQL PENTODE COATED UNIPOTENTIAL CATHODE HEATER 6.3 VOLTS 0.9 , MEDIUM SHELL 7 PIN OCTAL MEDIUM SHELL 7 PIN OCTAL THE 6L6GC IS A BEAM-POWER PENTODE ... Today, the 6L6GC is one of the most common power tubes used for electric guitar amplification and there is an almost overwhelming supply of current production options to choose from. The purpose of this comparison is simply to provide guitar players with a frame of reference to help in finding the best current production 6L6GC for their needs. Oct 20, 2010 · I updated this to add the link to the RCA version as a second data sheet set. This will be a continuing series on vacuum tubes and amplifiers. Some folks do not realize that the 5751 vacuum tube produced today is little more than a 12AX7 that did not make the grade as a 12AX7. .....

Crap. I just put a brand new set of Winged C 6L6GC's in my Louis Electric Buster and they sound great. I compared them to RCA Blackplate 6L6GC's. While the RCA's sound best, the difference is not nearly as dramatic as I thought it might be. Dang! I better stock up on some SED Winged C 6L6GCs huh? May 30, 2011 · Since I did the EC86 tests, my more recent experience has shown that some drivers work better with certain power tubes, and others don't. So at the end of all this I can only happily conclude that EC86 6S3P-DRs, Magnadynes, and Siemens-Rohre are exceptional driver valves for SED 6L6GC Winged Cs (the lovely ones made in St Petersburg). These are new old stock Svetlana KT88 winged =C='s vintage 2001, and have excellent tonality and longevity, with a full bodied sound, and great dynamics. A favorite among hi-fi audiophiles, rare and sought after. Very sturdy and reliable. These are produced in the close St Petersburg, Russia factory . Specifications. Svetlana KT88 - Data Sheet Russian Military grade 6N3C / 6P3S / 5881 / 6L6GC. You cannot add "NOS 12AX7A RCA US made" to the cart because the product is out of stock.

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