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Sep 20, 2019 · Once updated to iOS 13, your iPhone will learn your charging pattern and will only charge the phone up to 80 percent. When it thinks that it’s almost time for you to wake up, the smartphone will recharge to 100 percent. Download Large Apps Over Cellular. iOS 13 removes the download limit for app downloads over cellular data. Dec 10, 2019 · Apple has released iOS 12.4.2 for iPhones and iPads that can't be updated to iOS 13. This update is available for the iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, and iPhon 6 Plus, as well as the iPad Air, iPad mini 2, and iPad mini 3. Even though this is for a version of iOS 12, the update instructions remain the same as iOS 13, so you can follow them below.

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Oct 14, 2019 · The Move to iOS app securely transfers all kinds of content for you: Contacts Message history Camera photos and videos Web bookmarks Mail accounts Calendars When you choose to migrate your data, your new iPhone or iPad will create a private Wi-Fi network and find your nearby Android device running Move to iOS. If roaming in a Simple Global country with iOS 10, you must turn off mobile data to prevent data usage. From any Home screen, tap Settings > Cellular or Cellular Data. Tap Cellular Data Options. Drag the Data Roaming slider to OFF. Turn on / off mobile data. From the main menu, tap Settings > Cellular or Cellular Data. Tap Cellular Data to turn ...

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iCloud Photo Library lets you keep all your associated devices in sync all the time. By default, that means that when you take pictures or shoot videos on an iPhone or iPad with a cellular modem ... If cellular data keeps turning off on iOS 12, you may be in an area with no coverage but you can also have your SIM card not properly inserted. Other reasons for experiencing iOS 12 cellular data issues may include faulty updates or outdated software on your iOS device. 7 Tips for iOS 12/12.1 Cellular Data not Working Jul 26, 2017 · iOS 11 wants to solve all your Wi-Fi issues with THIS awesome new feature APPLE looks set to introduce an incredibly useful new feature as part of its upcoming iOS 11 update for iPhone and iPad ... Although no official BitTorrent clients are available in the App Store, you can still get full desktop class torrent download experience on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Say hello to iTransmission! iTransmission is a native BitTorrent client for iOS. It uses the same backend as Transmission, the BitTorrent client for Mac. Since the app is ... Dec 21, 2016 · Is iOS 10 not sure if it will download or not via cellular? In my case, the app update proceeded swimmingly over cellular, which is exactly what I wanted to happen: Nonetheless, my question remains. Why did I get a warning that the app update may not download until I connected to Wi-Fi, yet the download proceeded perfectly over my cellular ...

Go to IOS Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh and make sure "Background App Refresh" is enabled. That will make the apps below it have toggle switches. Then scroll down and make sure the flickr app is enabled. Restart the flickr app by swipping it away and it should auto upload when you take pictures. Apple just released iOS 10 to the public, but there are problems.. Countless users report that the update has rendered their iPhones and iPads completely useless after accepting the over-the-air ...

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Nov 23, 2019 · Is your iPhone is not functioning in an ideal way after the iOS update? It has been observed that iPhone won’t make calls after iOS 13/12/11 update by many users. After updating their device, iOS users can experience problems related to the network or a software glitch. This causes iPhone won’t make or receive calls problem.