Dressage score sheet

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StartBox Online Scoring System provides free online software that manages entries and live online scoring to horse shows, horse trials, 3 day events, and dressage shows. StartBox Horse Show Management Software United States Dressage Federation. USEF International Discipline Association. The United States Dressage Federation is the only national membership organization dedicated to dressage, a method of horse training in existence since ancient Greece and an Olympic sport since the inception of the modern Olympics in the late 1800’s.

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6 4-H Dressage Manual, PnW 608 Dressage arena A rectangular area measuring 20 x 60 meters (standard) or 20 x 40 meters (small). Training level tests are often ridden in the small arena. The arena is enclosed by a low fence, and specific locations are marked by a standard system of letters placed around the outside on markers. See score sheet on website for final results and hi-point winners. Thanks to judge Ilyse Gold, scribe Charlotte Sandlin, scorer Ann Bresson, announcer Gina McKay, gate Scott McKay, Barbara Burkhardt for assistance in preparing the ride list and score sheet, and the Española cheerleaders for great nacho pie and breakfast burritos. Dressage (Pure) Tack Sheet (D130/13) 1 files 232 downloads ... Horse Trials Score Sheets 1 files 89 downloads Competitions, Event Organisers 9th March 2016: Dressage Test Blank Diagrams draw your own USEF 2011 tests and USDF intro tests , Free, Downloadable & Printable - The best way to learn dressage tests - Diagrams courtesy of The Dressage Directory You could add me to your favourites .

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70 in straight dressage scoring = 30 in eventing scoring Your score in dressage is a percentage; the percentage of points you earned out of the total possible points. Your score in eventing is penalty points; but more specifically the percentage of points you DIDN'T earn out of the total possible points. So, take the dressage score, and ... Dressage Judges Training Program approved by the USEF Dressage Committee. The requirements for the “S” program must be fulfilled. Undocumented activities cannot be considered. The USEF office will send the following material to the candidate after he/she is approved into the training program: o Guidelines for apprentice-judging There are also test sheets for Freestyle tests (Novice; Elementary; Medium, Advanced) but since riders can choreograph the required movements to music in the order they wish, the papers simply provide guidance for the scoring of the movements.

The USEA is a non-profit 501(c)(3), educational organization committed to providing eventing enthusiasts with a competitive level suited to their individual skills. These scores are recorded by USEF and USDF and can serve as the basis for qualification for the USDF Dressage Seat Medal Semi-Final classes. It is not necessary to put a score in each box on the DSE score sheet. The score sheet can be used in a manner that suits the judge’s methodology, provided however that a final score must be arrived at for artistic_marks_-_freestyle_dressage_with_technical_marks__comments_2011.doc: File Size: 40 kb: File Type: doc

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Sponsored Ads. Country State Start Date End Date Show Name Online Entries Contact E-mail By Class The Test Arena. Dressage arena measurements are given in meters. The standard arena (Sample D) currently used for the Western Dressage. Part 1 of Western Dressage covered The Three Rs: lots of reasons for giving the new division a try, rules for the division and resources to check out to learn more.