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Petrus is THE brand of high-quality staplers and hole punches in Spain that are renowned for their durability and reliability. Petrus offers products with a classic but still contemporary design that make the difference. - Desktop staplers & hole punches - High capacity staplers & hole punches - Electric staplers The model SU-100N requires that the proper size staple be used for each stapling job based on the number of sheets of paper (or equivalent material) being stapled as noted below. In other words, the customer cannot use the HO-5/8, 5/8" Staple to staple 25 sheet as of 20-lb. paper because the staple leg length would be too long for that job. Easy-to-use and efficient, this Swingline 69008 black high-volume electric stapler is ideal for anyone who need to staple large quantities of paper throughout the day. Thanks to the durable design, this stapler is made for long-lasting use.

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20 Sheet Capacity – You can staple anywhere between 2 and 20 sheets with the Swingline Electric Portable. Even though many other electric staplers offer a higher sheet capacity, for most low-intensity uses, this stapler will work just fine. Electric Crane and hoist can provide someone with all the tools that are needed when operating a crane or hoist. We are a leading distributor of commercial and industrial equipment and MRO supplies. We carry over a million high-quality business and industrial products at low prices and provide personal service. Tesla is accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy with electric cars, solar panels and integrated renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses.

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Value pack includes the Optima 45 Electric Stapler, Optima High Capacity Staples and staple remover; Electric stapler quietly staples up to 45 sheets at once—2X the capacity of standard electric staplers; QuickLoad™ feature allows front staple magazine to eject quickly and easily with the press of a button. conservation, capacity payment, environmental charges; and any other charges or credits (such as TR rider, transformer rental, or load management or curtailment credits). CIAC (Contribution in Aid of Construction)A nonrefundable charge for electric service where (a) - - For purposes of these Electric Service Standards, any electric service used ... The Breville BOV800XL and the Calphalon Electric Extra Large Digital Convection Oven are top-rated models on the market. They are comparable in price: the Breville model is $249, compared to the $200 Calphalon model. As for capacity, the two models are evenly matched with a vast 13-inch capacity… Our RipCurrent S is the ultimate electric fat bike. Powered by a 750 Watt motor, it is capable of top speed performance with torque-sensing pedal assist. Learn more about the RipCurrent S here!

20 Sheets Capacity - 105 Staple Capacity - Half Strip - 4 x AA Batteries - Black20-sheet electric stapler features extra-wide lead-in and line-of-sight markings that help you intuitively position papers to place staples exactly where you need. The 1000 lb. capacity hand winch is easy-to-mount and ideal for mobile use on pickup trucks and trailers. The winch features steel towing cable and a positive locking ratchet pawl brake to keep a firm hold on items in tow. Electrical stapler for high volume stapling. Capacity up to 30 sheets with throat depth up to 3.5 cm. Loading capacity 200 staples 26/6.

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Jan 11, 2010 · Electric Staplers. Electric staplers are perfect for busy offices that generate a lot of paperwork. Try using flat clinch staples that close flat and allow for neat, even paper stacks. Maximize the sheet capacity of your stapler and simplify your reordering process by choosing the largest staples your stapler can accommodate.