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Find 1,191 Programming & Development freelance jobs posted by employers looking for experts for short-term freelancing services. Search and apply for work at home Programming & Dev projects.Designing an API on top of BigQuery. google-app-engine,bigdata,google-bigquery. Based on my experience analyzing performance of similar projects in BigQuery. If you are concerned with performance only, then you don't have to change anything. Optimize your Drupal installation for the Google App Engine platform. Included changes/integration: App Engine mail service Cloud Storage Push Task Queues with hook_cron_queue_info() workers Drupal core patch (root/core.patch)

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Deploying the App Engine App It just so happens that we've already written the App Engine app you'll need to set up scheduled functions. It's available in the firebase/functions-cron repo on Github. By default this sample triggers hourly, daily, and weekly Cloud Pub/Sub ticks.Google Cloud Platform lets you build, deploy, and scale applications, websites, and services on the same infrastructure as Google.Make sure that you're actually deploying your cron configuration with 'gcloud app deploy /path/to/cron.yaml'. Also make sure that you're targeting the correct version / service. If your endpoint exists on a different version / service that the default you'll need to specify the 'target: ' definition in your cron.yaml.

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Only two weeks after the release of 1.2.0, Google has released version 1.2.1 of its Google App Engine SDK. This new release includes two great new features, the PyCrypto library and the DataStore Remote API. PyCrypto now provides strong and fast encryption functionalities.This video is part of an online course, Developing Scalable Apps with Java. Check out the course here:

At Google Cloud Next, the company also announced Cloud Scheduler and Cloud Tasks - services that mirror App Engine's popular scheduling and queueing functionality (App Engine cron and Task Queues). Though they are still progressively evolving the original App Engine APIs to make them accessible across all GCP platforms.You can use one of supported SDK for Python, Go, Java or PHP depending on your preference. You should study out documentation based on language you choose and get to know familiar with Google App Engine integrated services, namely Datastore (NoSQL...App Engine: Scheduled Tasks With Cron.Cron tasks simply hit a URL on your application, and can be run as frequently as once a minute. They made up their own syntax, which much nicer than traditional unix cron.Switched away from App Engine, couldn't be happier Posted 02 Jun 2013 by Dean Harding It took about 3 weeks, but I've now completely re-written the backend for War Worlds and moved it off App Engine.

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Google App Engine provides a Cron service. Using this service for scheduling, you can build an application to reliably schedule tasks which can trigger Google Cloud Functions. This sample contains two components: An App Engine application, that uses App Engine Cron Service to call Cloud Functions HTTP URLs with a specified Header for validation.