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The National Park Service says the Hoh Rain Forest is one of Olympic National Park's most popular attractions, and it shows. The visitor center parking lot was full when Nate and I arrived, and ...The Hoh Visitor Center is also a starting point for longer and more challenging hikes to alpine meadows and glacier fields. Trekking with llamas is one way to explore the interior of the Park, when llamas pack your gear while you just pack yourself! Hoh Rain Forest, in Olympic National Park, can be reached via a 18-mi. paved road off US 101, 13 mi. s. of Forks. A visitor center features informative displays and serves as a departure point for several self-guiding nature trails, including the frequently photographed Hall of Mosses Trail. Everything you need to know about Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center, from our travel experts.The Hoh Rainforest is home to a National Park Service ranger station, from which backcountry trails extend deeper into the national park. Near the visitor center is the Hall of Mosses Trail, a short trail—0.8 miles (1.3 km)—which gives visitors a feel for the local ecosystem and views of maples draped with large growths of spikemoss.

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A visit to Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center is an excellent way to take advantage of your next vacation. Forks, where it is located, lies 70 miles (113 kilometers) from the capital city of the state, Olympia. Be ready to do some traveling to reach the front door of your hotel at the end of the day. The Hoh Rain Forest is located on the western side of Olympic National Park and is one of a few astonishing examples of a temperate rain forest in the United States. This temperate rain forest experiences mild winters and cool summers and receives between 12 and 14 feet in precipitation each year, which helps give this area a jungle look. From US Highway 101, approximately 12 miles south of Forks, take the Upper Hoh River Road to its end, 18 miles deep into the rain forest, to Olympic National Park Hoh Visitor Center. Park in the lot adjacent to the Center and follow the signs for Hoh River Trail destinations upstream, catching glimpses of the river and its braided, and ...Hoh Rain Forest Stop in at the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center for general park information, books, maps, wilderness permits, bear cans and access to popular nearby trails. During summer, join a guided 90-minute ranger-led walk through the Hall of Mosses or Spruce Nature Trail or get the lowdown on the world-famous rain forest.Reviews: Read through the and find out what other Hotwire hackers loved about Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center; We have 146 of the best hotels near Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center ready for you to snag. It only feels like stealing, but trust us, it's totally above board.The National Park Service has awarded the contract to renovate the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center to Tactical Constructors Corp. and NLC General Inc., Joint Venture of Fife, Washington. The …

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Olympic National Park Main Visitor Center and Wilderness Information Center is ranked #7 out of 8 things to do in Olympic National Park. ... Most travelers begin at the Hoh Rain Forest Visitor ...Spruce Nature Trail can be added to the Hall of Mosses hike for a longer journey or you can choose to start from the visitor center. At 1.25 miles, this loop trail provides even more unique rainforest beauty, with small creeks surrounded by mossy trees and ferns, as well as a chance to stand on the banks of the mighty Hoh River.

The Hoh Rainforest is located on the Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. It is located in western Washington state, and is one of the largest temperate rainforests in the U.S. Within Olympic National Park, the forest is protected from commercial exploitation. To find the map for the shortest distance from TACOMA to Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center, please enter the source and destination and then select the shortest option in the MODE dropdown. To estimate the travel cost, find the Trip Cost from TACOMA to Hoh Rain Forest Visitor Center!For those exploring the interpretive trails around the Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center or those venturing out on the 18-mile approach to the base of Mount Olympus, Hoh Campground is certainly the most popular base camp.

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A short walk from the campground, the Hoh Rain Forest Visitors Center is a great place to start exploring the lush surroundings, and the Hoh River Trail, one of the best hiking trails in Olympic National Park, is also located nearby.The Hoh River is a river in the U.S. state of Washington, located on the Olympic Peninsula. About 56mi long, the Hoh River originates at the Hoh Glacier on Mount Olympus and flows west through the Olympic Mountains of Olympic National Park and Olympic National Forest, then through the foothills in a broad valley, emptying into the Pacific Ocean at the Hoh Indian Reservation.