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Jan 20, 2017 · The World of Tanks YouTube channel has a new segment out on one of the strangest tanks ever seen—the so-called "Tsar Tank". The tank, which looked like a cross between a plow and a Martian war ... May 27, 2018 · This is one of my very first World War 1 tank that I've ever made in besiege and also the 2nd Biggest builds so far Which I've been taking for about 4 hours of making this legendary russian tank Non-stop and the tank itself has equipped with two x4.00 cannons and Seven Crossbow machine guns which it almost a moving fortress, but I don't know if it has more than that and of course it's kinda ...

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12 strange tanks and armored vehicles: Russian Tsar tank. A bizarre tricycle tank design from 1915. link » ... The Tsar tank, also known as the Lebedenko tank or Netopyr. The Tsar tank’s huge wheels were an answer to the problem of passing over rough terrain and other obstacles. A set of rear wheels were meant to stabilize the tank. The front wheels, powered by a 250 hp engine each, would easily pass over most obstacles. Eastern Front War Game. Play our free online Eastern Front War game as Russian troops attempt to defend the Motherland in the First World War or die in the process. Tags: Eastern Front War Game, Play Eastern Front War Game, Free Eastern Front War Game, Online Eastern Front War Game, Eastern Front Russian War Game, Eastern Front War Troops Game

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Dec 26, 2017 · As amazing as it may seem, the Tsar Tank did actually exist as a prototype during the early stages of World War I. It was built and tested from the fall of 1914 to the late summer of 1915 by the Russian army. Jun 20, 2009 · Also known as the Lebedenko Tank after its designer Nicholas Lebedenko, the Tsar tank represented Imperial Russia’s attempt to develop a fighting vehicle which combined mobility, protection, and firepower for the attacking side.

Tsar - Tank (also knows as: Pipistrellus, Fledermaus, Lebedenko's tank, Lebedenko's machine, Mammoth or Mastodon). Was created in 1915 in Russian Empire.

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The Russian navy continued to grow exponentially, from 1886. The last of the Romanovs, Tsar Nicholas II, had accelerated the rate of construction from 1897 to such an extent that in 1904, on the eve of the Russo-Japanese war, it had reached the third tonnage in the world.