Record catfish caught in north carolina

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Dec 23, 2015 · Incidentally, the South Carolina record for blue catfish is 109.4 pounds, caught in the tailrace below Pinopolis Dam at Santee Cooper in 1991 by George A. Lijewski.

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Dec 27, 2015 · A little tribute to Zakk Royce and his 105 pound North Carolina state record blue catfish that was caught in Lake Gaston. This is the blue catfish state record for North Carolina. Zakk is a great ...

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Who knows, the next time you’re out chasing these amazing fish you might get your name in the record books. Check out our complete list of current record-sized channel catfish for all 50 states to see if you too can make the cut.

RALEIGH, NC – A North Carolina teenager has caught a state record blue catfish – and it’s a whopper.Landon Evans, 15, of Benson landed the 117-pound, 8-ounce catfish on June 11 at Lake Gaston. Jan 11, 2016 · MUST SEE!! - NC STATE RECORD BROKEN 2 TIMES IN 24HRS ... blue in less than 24hours apart shattering the existing 89lb North Carolina state record for blue catfish. Zakk is also one of the ...

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I’m going after the world record now. It’s in the river. The current world record flathead is a 123-pounder caught from Elk City Reservoir in Kansas on May 14, 1998. The previous North Carolina record weighed 69 pounds and was hauled from the Cape Fear River by Edward C. Davis in July 1994. This giant blue catfish just missed the North Carolina record by seven pounds. Lake Wylie in North Carolina is known for big catfish. However, this blue catfish is so big, it's almost an anomaly compared to other catfish caught there in the last several years. At a whopping 82 pounds, this fish is ... Apr 12, 2006 · We were fishing in the neuse last night and had two huge flathead catfish on at the same time.Rons fish finally got to the boat and went underneath and snapped off the 30 pound test.10 minutes later Elton got his to the boat.According to the scales at the dock this fish weighed between 80 to 85.I know it was bigger than the 65 pound i caught last year.Its a long story but the fish died before ...