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This Site ©Designed and Maintained by Wayne Williams, ©'Dance-N-Time' for The Scarborough City Dancers, East District Parks & Recreation Donna Neer has written over 100 original clogging routines. These routines are used by numerous clogging groups around the world. HOME. ... CUE SHEETS. Celtic. City Slicker Stomp... Where the city meets the country . City Slicker Stomp will be held on at the Hartman Conference Center in Independence, MO. Workshop, Fun Dance & NCHC Competition. NCHC Sanctioned Competition! 22 Categories, 2 Levels & Lots of Awards. New This Year! *Two Open Teach Spots on Saturday! Are you interested in teaching at the ... Choreographien, die ich im Laufe der Zeit geschrieben bzw. unterrichtet habe. Vervielfältigung und Abänderung bitte nur mit Angabe des Autors.

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All Cue Sheets, or one of... only Dance List sheets exclude Dance List sheets: Based on Difficulty Level... All Levels, or one of... Basic BasicPlus EasyIntermediate Intermediate IntermediatePlus Advanced: Search for a single word in the Title, Artist or Choreographer, or a year... Search will be case-insensitive Cloggers have cue sheets, but for the classes, the students don't read the sequences, they memorize them piece by piece and perform the steps as the "cuer" calls them. Clogging falls in step ... This video includes a free audio cassette of waltz clog music at various speeds, a waltz clog routine and cue sheet, a waltz clog demonstration at the beginning of the tape, and instruction in wooden-soled shoes. Learn 25 waltz clog steps and master the basics of this dance. Your instructor is Steve Smith, a national and international instructor.

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Step Dancing on Prince Edward Island, New Dominion, Courtney Hogan and Friends, Clogging and stepdancing from same roots, it appears Step Dancing on Prince Edward Island, New Dominion, Courtney Hogan and Friends See more Here I am, 18+ years later, still loving clogging, so I’ll have to believe that saying is true. Tried to get it out of my blood, but it just refuses to leave. On my website I provide clogging choreography, clogging classes, clogging dances, clogging cue sheets, clogging workshops and clogging instructional videos.

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I have wanted a website for my cue sheets for a long time. I am proud of them and didn’t want them to be lost forever, so here we are saving my memories. If you look back, you’ll remember I wanted to be a dancer. In the end, my dream did come true! I have a whole different outlook to clogging now than when I started.