Non typical whitetail deer scoring sheet

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NON-TYPICAL WHITETAIL DEER . Alberta Min. Score 185 . Boone & Crockett Min. Score 195 Pope & Young Min. Score 155 SHEETS\Non-typical Whitetail deer.doc Page 1 of 2 Longhunter Society Min. Score 160 . Abnormal Points After showing a buddy of mine the deer I shot below with my bow in November, his first response was, "Dang, what'd he score?" I honestly have never been big into scoring deer officially, and would have no idea about how to start doing it. Pope & Young bases there scoring system in typical or nontypical categories, correct? [file]288843[/file] PROGRAM RULES and How To Enter 2017-2018. Program Sponsorship . The Texas Big Game Awards is co-sponsored by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) and Texas Wildlife Association (TWA). Program Goals . The Texas Big Game Awards is designed to promote big game hunting in Texas and to promote and encourage sound habitat and wildlife ...

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BLANK SCORE SHEETS for entry into the big game record books for Oregon or Washington are listed below. The same score sheet is used for all categories for that species and divisions (i.e. rifle, archery, archery velvet, and black powder categories and the regular and youth divisions) except shed antler, which have their own score sheets. VIRGINIA'S DEER SCORING SYSTEM Scoring Whitetail Deer Antlers 1. All measurements are to be in inches to the nearest eighth. 2. No protuberance to be counted as a point or as a random prong unless it is at least one inch in length from tip of point to outside of main beam. If the main beam is irregular at that spot, the TYPICAL WHITETAIL DEER . C:\Data\ADMINISTRATION (Yvonne)\OFFICE DATA\TROPHY\SCORE SHEETS\Typical Whitetail deer.doc Page 1 of 2 Alberta Min. Score 160 Boone & Crockett Min. Score 170 Pope & Young Min. Score 125 . Longhunter Society Min. Score 130 . Abnormal Points

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I would like to see a gross non-typical score location on the sheet. It seems to me the gross score should carry all the inches rather than just the typical frame. With how it is set up, there is no place to show the TOTAL inches of a rack that carries any non-typical tines. boone and crockett scoring sheet for whitetail deer Click here to download the free.No scores are official Boone and Crockett scores until verified and the trophy is. boone and crockett scoring sheet non typical 5x11 sheet of glossy photo-grade paper. Entry Affidavit or.The Boone and Crockett Club is pleased to announce our official score ...

Purchase a $20 Big Buck Contest entry ticket which includes a 3-day Show Pass (a $36 value) and official scoring of your whitetail. You will be asked to fill out a complete registration form and receive a numbered claim check which correlates to a registration tag that will accompany your whitetail. You're wrong my friend. P&Y means that the deer you kill must be 125 in. Minimum, if Non typical it must score 155-or up to 160 (pretty sure it has to be up to 160). Which is where P&Y end. Therefore it is not the weapon you kill the deer with, but really what the total number of inches and circumferences the deers antlers add up to be. 5. Score forms (with instructions) are available for these white-tailed deer categories: Typical, Non-typical, Velvet, 200 Pound Buck and 135 Pound Doe separately for each sporting arm legally used to hunt deer in New Jersey. To be entered in the non-typical category, deer must have at least one inch of non-typical antler material.

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The Indiana buck many had speculated to be the largest hunter-taken non-typical whitetail has been confirmed by the Boone and Crockett Club to rank as the number two largest non-typical ever ...