Virgin mobile throttling

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Aug 01, 2015 · How to bypass the T-mobile Throttling on PCS or laptops. How to remove the Mobile Tethering detection Block on the moto electrify m phone/BEEN patched - Duration: 6:17. DeVLSliP 98,850 views

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Apr 16, 2017 · How to bypass ISP torrent throttling? Yup, that's the question you will ask when your current Internet service provider is throttling all your torrent download speed. Is there a way to bypass it ... Dec 13, 2013 · We received a similar message back in March about 3G throttling. However, it became clear that Virgin Mobile was not entirely at full capacity to measure data usage accurately. As of this moment, on the Virgin Mobile USA website it shows that my account has used 23MB of data this month. I can assure you this is not true. Throttling specific sites and services I've been having an issue connecting to streaming sites over the past month. Approximately 1am every night (I work nights) My service basically stops connecting to anything with streaming. pandora, youtube, etc, no connection. News: Last July Sprint-owned wireless carrier Virgin Mobile changed up their pricing plans significantly, and announced they'd be implementing a new throttling system that involved throttling user ...

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My sister just received a text from virgin mobile saying that they're about to start throttling down to 2g speeds after you have used 2.5gb of data...anyone else heard of this? I think it said it'd in May. My sister just received a text from virgin mobile saying that they're about to start ... Oct 14, 2017 · Clean up your act, Virgin Mobile. Right now you're looking like a bunch of greedy corporate pigs who don't care about any of your customers. If changes aren't made to your policy on data throttling, I will be filing reports with the BBB and the FTC for your false advertising.

But none of this matters virgin themselfs know and i know they are throttling us. I will just wait till bt ugrade us to there 150mb connection and probability go with them because i dred to think think what we would get in the evening if we downgraded are virgin connection. Omahagreg, you're right! However, this scenario has a lot of variants and it could be account related and not a general issue. In cases like this, we'd rather isolate the case while gathering private account information that might help us pin point the root cause of the problem, to later provide a general overview for other users once the specific issue has been resolved.

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Virgin Mobile USA, a flanker brand owned by Sprint, is shutting down. Today, reports surfaced from many Virgin Mobile customers who received texts that started like this: Virgin Mobile USA is discontinuing and your account will auto-transfer to Boost Mobile.