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TRIM-TEX Buttboard™ Drywall Backer installs between studs on butt joints, and pulls back the edges - creating a tapered edge that requires less joint compound to finish. The end result is a factory like edge that requires less compound, sanding, and labor - Buttboard Saves You Time & Money

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Drywall Taper Tool 6494 Jerry West Highway Switzer, WV 25647 Phone 877-946-4659 Eliminate butt joints on your drywall projects when you order th is spectacular tool from Drywall Taper Tool Perfectly flat ceilings and walls at all butt joints. Innovative product pulls back the edges of the cut end of the drywall creating a tapered edge. Newly formed tapered edge finishes faster and uses less joint compound. Installs easily with drywall screws. Eliminates back breaking and expensive use of 16' long drywall. What is it? Drywall Taper Tool easily creates a taper on drywall butt ends. As a result, when two butt ends are placed together, an edge is created, which is approximately the same as on the sides of new factory drywall eliminating the need for large feather joints. What this means is both ends of your drywall piece needs to be secured to a stud. So, most studs will share two pieces of drywall: the end of one piece of drywall and the beginning of another piece of drywall. This is called a butt-joint! To determine the size of your drywall piece measure from the middle of one stud to the middle of another stud. This page contains instructions for finishing drywall butt joints using fiberglass mesh seam tape. New drywall installation will produce few butt joints like this because the sheets are generally joined along the finished edges which will produce a recessed joint. Finishing recess joints is covered at this link.

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Shop drywall joint compound in the drywall section of Find quality drywall joint compound online or in store. Butt joints are challenging to finish because they require that you build a slight, gradual mound to hide the joint. To make the mound subtle enough to go unnoticed, you must feather the joint compound over a wide area. You can also minimize the difficulties of concealing butt joints by using a back blocking technique when hanging the drywall ... A hand tool is provided for the application of joint compound on wall board, having a planar blade affixed to an ergonomic handle. The blade has a concave arcuate working edge, wherein the concave arcuate curve extends the entire length of the working edge to each corner of the working edge. If you can master coating a butt joint then your drywall project will be so much easier! I go through a lot of tips from preparation, applying tape and details of the first 2 coats.

Wallpaper Tools & Paste by Sherwin-Williams. Click the link below and get directions to your closest Sherwin-Williams store. The moisture in the compound actually softens the drywall which then quickly looses its tendency to spring back while the plaster-as-adhesive holds it very nicely. The thick ridges I created before bending it squeezes out where the two edges bend up, but remain thick away from the joint -- creating a permanent rigid basis for this curve inward. Dec 09, 2013 · If you can master coating a butt joint then your drywall project will be so much easier! I go through a lot of tips from preparation, applying tape and details of the first 2 coats. I find this ... We tape our joints in the usual manner, beginning with the butt joints. Once that joint compound has dried, we tape the long edges. Incidentally, a 20-in. long piece of 1-1/2-in. aluminum angle is a handy tool for leveling the finish coats of joint compound over the butt ends.

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Planning how you’re going to layout and hang your drywall sheets is crucial. It can save you time and reduce the amount on joints required. Reduce End & Butt Joints To layout the way the drywall is to be mounted, the studs should be either 16″ on center or 24″ in some cases, and a […] IN DEPTH VIDEO to demonstrate how to get FLAT BUTT JOINTS!!!!. There is a lot of information in this video you won't want to miss! Be sure to watch to the end! Tools I use often: DISCLAIMER: As an Amazon Associate I make a small commission from purchases through these links. Thank you for the support!!!! This video illustrate us how to tape and butt joint on drywall.Here are the following steps: Step 1: First of all take a wet tapering knife,tape,mud and cement to coat.