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Bagpipes/Tin Whistle/Native American Flute ... the sweet lilting sound of the Irish Uilleann Pipes cradles your heart gently as with a lament, or tickles it playfully ... Had this made to order from Peter Abnett about 7 years ago. Have used it extensively in concert& studio. Play with the band Slide(Ireland) Is the main bouzouki sound on the following albums; Slide; Beo. Harmonic Motion& Overneath. Also Zoe Conway's solo album, Neil Lyon's'Skins& Sins' Gavin Whelans first solo tin whistle CD.

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Highlights for me were the set of reels (track 8) which team Garry's D-whistle with Colm's bodhrán, the hornpipes (track 7) on which Garry's accompanied by Clare and Dave, and the sets on which Garry plays the B-flat flute (notably the jigs on track 11), where the eerie deep quality of the flute itself is given a beautifully mellow ... The good fairy awoke chilled, but was quickly warmed by the sweetest music being played on a tin whistle. Lilting from the house, the tune was the sound that plays through the skies and waters following a fierce winter; a melody of relief and boundless joy. A terrible surprise awaited the good fairy. Mostly Celtic Songbook 3 Introduction After sitting in on some of the former Tuesday evening open seisiúns at C.B. Hannegan’s in Los Gatos, and trying to sing along but not remembering the lyrics, it seemed like a good idea to compile a songbook that we could all potentially share.

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This version can be found from the tin whistle player Seán Ryan on his CD Siúil Uait - Take the Air (track 7a; Gael-Linn CEFCD 142). 13. An Smólach sa Sceach: The Thrush in the Bush. Printed in IT, p 2, where it is said that Josephine Keegan - fiddler and piano accompanist, and co-editor of that book - composed it. The Irish Reel Book - für alle Melodieinstrumente mit Akkordbegleitung (dt/en) - Notenbuch (Spiralbindung), Playback-CD. Portofrei gegen Rechnung (Deutschland). “Óró” is a cheer, while “sé do bheatha ‘bhaile” translates as “you are welcome home.” The song in its original form dates back to the third Jacobite rising in 1745-6.

Choose from a wide selection of brass sheet music at Trevada Music.Eight graded unaccompanied studies for tuba. These studies provide attractive practice repertoire written specially for the instrument rather than adaptations of music originally written for other instruments, which often have unsuitable phrasing for a large wind instrument. '(Ec)citazioni Neoclassische' (2004) is an album that I bought a while back but didn't pay much attention to until I read torodd's recent interview with Maurizio Galia. I'm glad I decided to re-visit this album as a result because this is another of those sadly overlooked little gems, although fans of the wackier stuff might want to look elsewhere.

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Click to download the tablature. Click on Collection to download all tabs in the collection. Jean Banwarth, Bluegrass A-M, Bluegrass N-Z, Celtic, Christmas, Flamenco A-M, Flamenco N-Z, Latino, Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738), Hawaiian Slack Key, Spanish, Traditional Folklore Finance We have a number of finance options available to suit your needs, including 9-month, interest-free finance. Use the Finance calculator below to work out the best option for you and choose "Apply For Finance" during checkout to complete your application. Words · Example: enter kitty milking to find all tunes whose titles include the words "Kitty" or "Milking", such as "Kitty 's Gone a Milking", etc. · Enter one or more complete words in any order.