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Aspire Vivi Nova-S BDC Tank $0.20 Aspire Vivi Nova-S BDC (bottom dual coil) Glassomizer tank comes with a new heating element coil design. As bottom coil clearomizer types are becoming popular, the Vivi Nova BDC tank is reinforced with an aluminum shield with a visible clear pyrex glass tube and holds approximately 3.5ml of liquid capacity.

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Oct 19, 2013 · The Champion is an awesome tank. The V2 is a ViVi Nova tank that holds approximately 1.6 mL of e-Liquid. What I love about it is that it has a Pyrex inside liner so you get all of the benefits of a glass tank, but the outer part of the tank is plastic so it protects the glass.

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A genuine Vivi Nova tank - the clear plastic bit - is 33.6mm x 19.05mm outside diameter. Just measured one with a micrometer. I presume mine are genuine - they were properly priced, have Vivi Nova printed on the tank and were bought from a high-profile Vendor. The Vivi Nova has a tank that is similar to a pipe made of thick plastic material. The tank is marked on its plastic body shell with the able capacity of e-liquid. The tanks can be replaced with outer body shells enclosed in metal, if desired. The new versions of the Vivi Nova Clearomizers have long wicks and metal drip tips. The Vivi Nova ... Vision Mini Vivi Nova Tank System Kit - 2.0ml- Designed for vapers who love the Vision Ego. The screw-on construction of the coil heads makes it easy to change atomizers even when on the go.

Baditude Jun 17, 2013 ShariR, both the Mini Vivi Nova and ProTank are good delivery devices for a novice; easy to fill and use, and both are "rebuildable", meaning that the heads (heating coils and wicks) inside the tank are easily replaceable after they burn out (approximately after 3 - 4 weeks of use). A note to lung tank is considered to be one of the best vape tanks for quitting smoking. The CE4, Aspire Nautilus and Vivi Nova are considered to be MTL tanks designed to help smokers quit. Vaping is a widely effective way to quit smoking by slowly weaning yourself off of nicotine. 50ml empty bottles for e-juice,e-liquid. Nenhum produto. $0.00 Frete $0.00 Total. Carrinho Finalizar

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eCigarette Glass / Plastic Tanks. Displaying 1 to 14 (of 14 products) Result Pages: 1 ... Small Vivi Nova 2.5ml Tank + 2 cores. $11.50. Smok Micro ADC Core Box of 5 ... Vivi Nova replacement tube or spare tube fits all Vivi Nova tanks including Vision Vivi Nova Tanks. It can be easily replace with the Vivi Nova system by disassembling the tank. Give your tank a fresh look with a brand new clear color tube.